How Long is a Centimeter

A centimeter is 0.01 long in meters. Here is the length of a centimeter calculated in all important metrics. You can measure the centimeter in different units like Inch, Meter, Kilometer, Foot, Yard, Miles. One centimeter is a 0.39370078740157477 inch long is on a ruler. And the actual size of a centimeter is 0.01 Meters.

Length of a Centimeter

Here is a length of a centimeter is calculated in all other length units.

Unit Length of a Centimeter
Inch A Centimeter is 0.39370078740157477 inches Long.
Meter A Centimeter is 0.01 Meters Long.
Kilometer A Centimeter is 0.00001 Kilometers Long.
Foot A Centimeter is 0.03280829000002166 Feet Long.
Yard A Centimeter is 0.010936099999984664 Yards Long.
Mile A Centimeter is 0.0000062136999999862725 Miles Long.

How long is a centimeter on your finger?

the length of the index finger is approximately 9 cm.i.e; A centimeter is about 1/4.5 of the index finger. It varies in person to person.

Things that are 1 centimeter long

  • A piece is about one centimeter long
  • Most of the Pencil and Pens are a centimeter in width
  • width ring finger nail is approximately 1 cm

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